Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: Hidden Under Her Heart by Rachelle Ayala

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial  

I have the honor of being able to review this beautiful story by Rachelle Ayala. I literally just finished the book this morning.

This book is one of the most heart warming and romantic filled stories I have read in a long while.

In this story we follow two couple's journey's Lucas and Maryanne, Vera & Zach. The story takes you through how they met, their hopes, dreams, trials & tribulations, and everything in between.

Though you are invested in their story as you read, the topics of abortion,adoption,loss of a child, amputation,and true love are in the underlying of the story.

As you are reading along, you being to realize, that you may know someone that has gone through, a loss of a child, abortion, adopted a child, and amputation, and has found true love in their life story.

This story will take you through the whole gambit of emotions, and for those with a good imagination, you will be able to see the story, playing like a movie in your mind.

There is also a lot of self reflection that the characters do, but you as the reader also have time to do some of your own, as the characters do theirs.

At the end of the book, you will find a small series of discussion questions, that if you were to do this for a group, you could have a jumping off point to start the discussion, at each session you get together.

I would have to say, this is one of the better reads I have done this summer, and I highly recommend you going and getting a copy.

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Body By Vi Shake Mix Test Day 30...

Got back to making the shakes with lactose free 2% today. It works out so much better than juice, and is much healthier.

It did get interesting though with it came to flavors today. You will see that in the pictures.

I really have enjoyed getting to know this product better. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Here are the stats from today:

Weight: 232.2

Flavors of the Day: Honey Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ovaltine

Here are the pictures to go with the day:


232.2 front

232.2 side

morning shake mix portion

Morning flavor. Honey Peanut butter seems to hit all the right notes for me. Just enough sweet, without being arfy barfy, which is good.

Best to microwave the honey pb, so no claudes show up in the end product. 1:30 does the trick.

lactose free 2% gets added

ice gets added

before the blitz, and brother can this ninja do the job!

after the blitz

breakfast freezing up

excess for taste test
Lunch Pics:

flavor for lunch only 9g sugar in tube.

shake mix portion afternoon

ovaltine say hi to mr. mix

lactose free 2% was feeling left out

the ice said I am crushed, let's party

before  blitz

after blitz

lunch freezing

excess for taste test, since this was the first time to use ovaltine
Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow.....

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Body By Vi Shake Mix Day 29...

Today I have felt like the kicker for the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team.

I had to punt all day long for the shake concoctions today.

I did come up with some tasty ones though, as you will see below.

Here is how today went, with no milk:

Weight 231.4

Flavors of the Day: Frozen Wild Blueberry with Apple Cranberry Juice and Sunny D with Apple Cranberry Juice. ( I know, not the most obvious of combinations, but when there is no milk to work with, you make due , and punt the ball across the goal line, in my kitchen.)

Morning Pictures:

231.4 front

231.4 side

morning shake mix portion

breakfast flavor

berries meet juice and shake mix

everyone's gonna get blitzed!

breakfast freezing up
Lunch Pictures:

shake mix portion 2 for lunch

lunch flavor

sunny d meet shake mix

sunny d meet apple cranberry juice

this is a better shot of the above

this was the left overs

lunch freezing up.

We did manage to get by the store, and get more milk, so the shakes will look better for the last week. I promise. Have a great night.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Body By Vi Shake Teast Day 28...

Up to Day 28, and the journey continues with the Body By Vi Shake Mix.

I have been busy getting my closet put back together, before my mom shows up for 4th of July.

As you know I have been tracking my weight with this journey. My weight has been one freakin' roller coaster, but I know personally for me, I expect it. I know I shouldn't, but I am a work in progress, always " Under Construction", and that is a good thing. I am continually learning, which is fun.

Well for today it went like this:

Weight: 232

Flavors of  the Day:  Frozen Strawberry and Honey Peanut Butter( fruit and protein with the pb, one wakes you up the other fills you up.)

Here are the pictures:


232 side

232 frront

shake mix

flavor of the day

frozen strawberries get added

lactose free 2% added

before the blitz

breakfast freezing
Lunch: (which was late):

shake mix portion

honey pb fixin' to get microwaved

liquified honey pb gets added

lactose free 2% added

before the blitz

lunch freezing
Let's see what tomorrow brings...  have a great night.