Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Need Your Help.....

For those of you that know me, you know I hate to beg and plead for anything.

Well I am coming to you today. 

Each of the  listed campaigns has 6 days left on them to make the goal set of 100 pieces sold. 

I really need this to happen, as I have a new goal in place to hit, of at least $25,000 to be able to my husband and my household in a big way. 

For those that have been keeping up, you have probably heard me mention about how my husband is in need of major dental work. 

Well we got the estimates from the dentist today, and it is between 9-14k of work that will need to be done. 

Yes we have supplemental dental insurance, but that only covers so much, before we have to pay out of pocket to cover the rest of the cost. 

So I am saying it, we need your help by spreading the word about the listed campaigns, and even make a purchase or two. Anything that is excess, will be distributed accordingly to local charities in the area we live.

So I am hoping from all the combined campaigns, I would really like to exceed the goal of 100 pieces in a big way. 

I need you to help spread the word, and help me reach this goal.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PinkZebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Day 7 March 22nd, 2014...

The final day of the Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles test goes on!

In this final day of the Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles, the scent is all but nearly gone, unless you are in the guest bathroom, then as before you can tell the scent.

I have really enjoyed testing this scent though, it has been very interesting to say the least.

Here is a review of the pictures associated with this weeks test:

It is going to be up to the individual taste of the purchaser, if you purchase the sugar cookie sprinkles or not. But if you also purchase a pink zebra warmer, you will be able to control, how strong the scent will be , by how much you put in. For my little generic warmer, it did not take much.

Here is another recipe I found online, that I liked, and I thought I would share the link to:

I hope you have enjoyed the Sugar cookie review and I hope you enjoy the recipe links also. On to the next scent which will be Red Hot Summer. I can tell you , it smells yummy, just from being in the sample bag. On to the Red Hot Summer Scent Reviews!

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Day 6, March 21st, 2014.....

Well the scent from the Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles is almost completely gone.

I really thought the scent would last  longer than it has.  So we will see what the final day brings.

Since I did not want to bore you with a repeat picture here is another fun sugar cookie recipe I have found online: (This recipe is from

I hope you enjoy the recipe I found online. On to the final day.

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Day 5, March 20th,2014....

Day five,

We are drawing closer to the end of the Sugar Cookie Sprinkles testing. As it has been mentioned in previous post, the Sugar Cookie Scented sprinkles have been the weakest scented, during this week long test.

They started out great, but as we are in Day 5, the scent is continuing its decent, which still surprises me.

As before since the picture would be a repeat, I decided to share a recipe I found online for sugar cookies to stay in theme: ( This one is from Alton Brown)

I hope you enjoy the recipe.

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Day 4, March 19th,2014......

The 4th day brings on another round with "The Cookie". My guest bathroom has never smelled better. You get a great sensory experience when you actually walk into the bathroom. That is where you can really distinguish it is a sugar cookie scent.

I have noticed my dogs are pretty calm with this, which is amazing, as their noses are so sensitive.

The hubby still syas to him it is not a sugar cookie he knows, but when I got in there for one reason or another, that is the time, I can tell it is a true sugar cookie.

I started burning in the the melter in the morning, and turned it off just before I headed to bed. Which gave it the chance to fill the bathroom with the scent, and a bit of the living room, since I left the door open.

During that time, it did work for a bit, but then once again the scent died down.

There are not pictures to go with this day, because it would be a repeat of the melted one.

So here is a sugar cookie recipe I found interesting online instead, Enjoy! :

On to Day 5.

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Test Day 3, March 18th, 2014....

Day three brings a weakened scent , which is surprising to me. Usually when you bake a sugar cookie, the smell wafts through the house is becomes just orgasmic upon entering the house.

Well there is one pic I found of the melted sugar cookie sprinkles. They actually for being sprinkles melt pretty evenly.

On to day 4, we will see what it brings, who knows.

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Test Day Two, March 17th, 2014.....

With this second day of testing the durability of the Sugar Cookies Sprinkles from Pink Zebra, I am amazed how strong the scent still is after two days.

The only thing is that to my husband it does not smell like a traditional sugar cookie, and really I have to agree.

For us a traditional sugar cookie has not only the scent of sugar, but a heavy vanilla scent to it. This seems to have a way lighter scent, than what I would associate with a traditional sugar cookie.

Here are some sugar cookie sprinkles pics:

This is how they started out. I did not have the chance to get a melted down picture.

We will see what day 3 brings in this sugar cookie journey.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles Test Day One March 16th, 2014...

We begin the week of the Pink Zebra Cookie Sprinkles test.

I have to say, my husband did a good job selecting the scent for this week, it does smell yummy!

I am looking forward to this week, and seeing how far the Sugar Cookie scent goes.

Away we go! Bring on the Cookie!

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Day Seven March 15th, 2014

Day seven brings the final day of the Relax Sprinkles test, and end to the second leg of the Sensory Staycation.

This scent of sprinkles in the beginning out of the sample bag was very potent, but as it melted in the warmer the scent actually mellowed out and was tolerable in the end result.

The fact that it mellowed out my dogs, and husband during the week, that is a testament to how well it works.

My mom also welcomed in over the weekend, and it held out very well. Leave it to say it is hard to impress my mom with scents, but this one did.

Here is a review of pictures for this scent:

So now we move onto the Sugar Cookie scent for the next test, for the upcoming week.

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Test Day Six March 14th, 2014

Day 6

The hubby actually admitted he liked the scent, and it was not as near as pungent as it was in sprinkle form in the sample bag.

Mom showed up today, and I had the scent going, and she said she loved the scent, that it was nice and not over powering.

Here are pics from Day 6:

We will see what the last day will bring, with the Relax Scent......

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Day Five March 13th, 2014

After 5 days of the Relax Sprinkles, the house could not get any calmer.  If you have not tried these sprinkles from Pink Zebra, what is stopping you ?

You need to, especially if you are having one of those weeks when Karma and Mother Nature get together and gang up on you, and not letting up.

My living room and bathroom have never smelled better, than through the testing of this sprinkle scent.

Here is a pic for Day 5:

I thought this pic was pretty cool, when it started to melt and smell great.

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Day Four Test March 12th, 2014

Day Four of the Relax Sprinkles is keeping this house like mellow yellow. I mean it has been a crazy week.

These Sprinkles this week are living up to their title.

Here is Day 4's pic:

 Let's see how mellow this household is by Day 5.

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Day Three March 11th, 2014....

Day 3 starts out just fine, standard getting ready for the day in this household.

For the afternoon I decide to start burning the Relax Scent to dial in my body back to center, consider how the crazy my week has been.

As with the other days, it has really helped to mellow out the members of my household. My husband even said he did not mind the scent. Which is amazing!

Here is the picture from Day 3:

This is what it is looking like as it is melted in the warmer. Let's see what day four brings!

Pink Zebra Relax Sprinkles Test Day 2, March 10th, 2014

Day two brings a mellow feeling among the dogs and myself. Started this burning in the morning, and by afternoon, there was not one bark in the house until my hubby came home for lunch.

Like the Orange Blossom scented sprinkles, this was definitely the second leg of my Pink Zebra Sensory Vacation.

Here are the picture(s) from Day Two:

We will see what Day 3 brings on this sensory vacation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Review of Dove® Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture

As the picture says above this review of the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture is what I received as part of the Dove Vox Box from Influenster to test out .

I have to honestly say since I have been testing this product out for free that I got from Influenster, has been great.

The scent reminds me of baby powder, which is not a bad thing, as some other brands tend to be a bit abrasive in smell.

When I opened this  for the first time the smell was the most noticeable, and pleasant. (This is a deodorant, I could use when I travel. I was really surprised how well it worked with my underarms considering how sensitive they are.)

I can with a whole heart recommend this product, it really does work well.

(For those who are still skeptical, I challenge you to pick up one of the many scents they have, and see if it will work for you. I have to be honest I was a bit on the skeptical, but once I tried it, my view started to change.)

I will keep you posted on my journey on occasion, but as I mentioned before, Try It! (Everyone is different, and will have a different experience with it.)

Have a Great Day!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pink Zebra Relax Scent Test Day One March 9th, 2014.....

We ended the Orange Blossom scent today, and we have begun the week of the Relax scented sprinkles.

So this week we will see how the Relax sprinkles fair. I do have to say the scent lives up to its name so far. Even with it in the guest bathroom, it made the living room smelled great.

Here are the pics from Day One of the Relax Sprinkles:

We will see what Day Two brings. Later Gators!

Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Test Day Seven, March 8th, 2014

This Final Day of the Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Test brings on the last go around in the warmer. 

There is not much more I can say but Thank You Lori for introducing me to this sensory experience. 

Above is the picture from Day Seven as it begins for the day.  I let this go all day long. 

The next scent I will be trying is the relax scent for this up coming week, starting on Sunday.

On to Day one of the Relax scent, bring it on!

Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Test Day 6, March 7th, 2014...

Even Six days in, the Orange Blossom Sprinkles are still going strong, which really surprises be, but not really.

I have to say I have been enjoying  them all this week, we will have to see what the final day brings.

Here is Day Six's pic:

Onto Day Seven! Yee Haw !

Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Test Day Five, March 6th, 2014

I have to say, the orange blossom special sprinkles has been the scent that has started me liking Pink Zebra. 
This has been a great beginning to the Pink Zebra  journey. 

Above you will find a picture from Day Five. My guest bathroom has never smelled better.  Heck my living room smells just as yummy.

We will see what Day Six brings....

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pink Zebra Test Day Four, March 5th, 2014...

Day Four brings a late afternoon test for the Orange Blossom scent of Pink Zebra Sprinkles.

I decided to give my afternoon a kick in the butt.

Even after four days, when the burner got turned on and the solidified melted, it gave me a nice way to enjoy my afternoon. Though it is in my guest bathroom, it made my living room seem like a field of Orange Blossoms, which helped me to start the winding down process, and it was great!

Here are the pics for Day Four:

We will see what Day Five brings. I may let it go for more than 30 minutes this time. Stay tuned.....

Pink Zebra Test Day Three, March 4th, 2014....

The third day of the Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Sprinkles test brings a test for once again the first thing in the morning.

The Orange Blossom scent is a great way to start your morning , and to kick start your senses. I will take the Orange Blossom smell over the hubby's coffee smell any day. 

With this being turned on first thing in the morning, it gave me a bit of a boost of energy to get started attacking my never-ending mess of a kitchen, until, I had to stop and make the hub's lunch.

This sample of Pink Zebra  has been great to test this week. I will have a hard time deciding which sent is next. May leave it up to the hubby again, he has a pretty good nose.

Here are the pictures for Day Three:

The pictures may look the same as Day one and two, but I assure you as it gets used, there is definitely less of it as time goes on.

Pink Zebra Test Day Two March 3rd, 2014....

On the second day of this test I decided to let  the Orange Blossom run in the early afternoon. I have to say after a 30 minute burning in the warmer, and being turned off after the 30 minutes, the scent lingered.

It was a nice sensory vacation for the rest of the afternoon. It made the house smelly just yummy.

Here are the pics from Day Two:

The bottom picture shows you what it looks like in solidified form after it has cool off. We will see what Day Three brings, and if the scent is still going strong. Stay Tuned.....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Review.....

This is my honest review of the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask that I received as part of the J' Adore Vox Box from this past February.

In my honest opinion, when I think of a "Clay Mask" I expect the consistency of toothpaste, not the consistency of water.

When I took this out of the box I received from Influenster, I was surprised to say the least. I really was expecting something like a toothpaste  consistency, but when I got liquid as water, I was not impressed. I tried it out on a patch of skin and it did dry up nicely, but I would not invest in this product. If you are going to tell me it is a "Clay Mask" then the consistency better match up with what is advertised.

Other than that the packaging is very eye appealing, and it does not stink to high heaven when opened, which are pluses in my book. Because the first thing is your nose telling you if it is a good or bad smell, and that let's you know if you continue to use it, or give it to someone else to try.

In the end, I can not recommend this product for use, unless the consistency is changed and the packaging is also changed. (What I see is more like a cold cream container with a thicker product inside vs the water consistency product in the current packaging. )

Monday, March 3, 2014

Apple Blossom Naturals Lime Lotion Bar Test Day 7, March 1st 2014...

The final day of the Apple Blossom Lime Lotion Bar Test brings us a shoulder and arm test. Once again it is the left side.

I can safely say with a full heart, when I did this test, my shoulder did feel better, with the massaging it took to get in the lotion, and once again my left arm got to enjoy the rest of the portion.

Here are the pics from Day 7:

So if you are looking to a lotion you can take with you on the go, this lotion bar would be great, or any of the lotion bars that Apple Blossom Naturals carries.

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Apple Blossom Naturals Lime Lotion Bar Test Day 6, February 28th, 2014....

Day Six brings us back to a leg test. I know it has been arms and legs but, they are truthfully the easiest parts to test on and photograph.

Like I have always mentioned the pics may not be pretty, but they are indeed very real, and that is what I am going for. I am sharing my personal experience, as a real person, and you can see all the good , bad , and ugly as the journey rolls along. I believe as a consumer that the more real people that are non-paid, share their experiences you will get the most honest accounting of the product you have ever seen, and know that they are giving you the truth, and it is not coming from some marketing firm.

Here are the pics for Day Six:

You can see how this seventh starts out, and by the time it is rubbed in, my leg was lime fresh. After that I tested out a razor on my leg, to see how rubbed in lotion would stand up to a disposable razor, and it did great. My legs were even softer, than just after the application. So I can tell you, this lotion bar is for at least me razor friendly. ( You have to remember to wipe it down in between swipes, but it stood up to the test I put it through . ) Let's see what the final day brings. Day 7 here I come.

Apple Blossom Naturals Lime Lotion Bar Test Day 5, February 27th, 2014...

Day Five brings on the retest of a leg.

I do have to say I have noticed with this  lotion  bar, it is one of the best water repelling items every, which guarantees the moisture to your skin gets locked in completely. Which is great, once you put it on you know it is not coming off  for awhile even if you wash what ever part it is on.

Here are the pictures from Day Five:

Let's see what Day Six has in store. A seventh of a bar seem to work out the best, that way it is not so much all at once. When you have a tin, that is a great way to keep it stored when you are on the road, and it will last longer.

Apple Blossom Lime Lotion Bar Test Day Four, February 26th, 2014....

Day Four's test brings a rarity a test for the right arm.

It is really rare, but my right arm did enjoy the lime lotion bar treatment, and did get some moisture added back to it with the bonus softness.

So here are the pictures from Day Four:

Like I have mentioned before the pictures aren't pretty, they are real. So if you think they are scary, just remember, what you see is what you get around here.