Thursday, July 3, 2014

Younique Frivilous Concealer Day 3... & Day One of the MakeUp Eraser Testing....

This is a two for one post today....

We continue the testing for the Younique Make Up, but now we will be adding the Make Up Eraser Test.

For day 3 of the Younique Testing it is the Frivilous Concealer. Amazingly this actually matched my skin well, which was a pleasant surprise. This time of year I end up with a case of heat rash on my face, and the concealer  toned those areas down considerably.

before opening the way it was sent to me

inside the package

the areas tested were chin, and sides around smile area

better picture of the areas.
Here is a bit about my contributor that provided the makeup eraser in her words:

I got into the business because my friend showed me this amazing product that she was selling. It was so simple to use and such a great product, in March I decided if I did not want to go back to working for someone else, I needed to become a distributor for this company and go into business for myself.

My website is : . Makeup eraser is also offered at wholesale prices to salons and boutiques who would like to carry the product and resale:)

I tested the makeup eraser for the first time with the concealer. I had to put it through the was h before use so the fuzz would stay put and not end up on me. I was impressed how well it worked. I removed the Younique concealer with it, and it did the job nicely. Tomorrow it is the makeup eraser and the next younique product, you have to stay tuned to see what it is. 

Here are the pictures from the Concealer go around. You can't see it very well in the picture, but on all the areas I had concealer on, the eraser did get at it, but the color blended in, the change in color on the eraser is the concealer pigment:

The box it came in

the eraser before makeup removal

closer view after one swipe over

my chin was one place I had the concealer, so I started there initially

After second swipe, you can see a bit of the concealer that was removed.
Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow... Have a Great Night, and a Safe 4th!

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