Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Today begins the Younique Testing...

As I am finishing up my Body by Vi Shake Test on July 4th, today I begin the Younique MakeUp sample testing.

The contributor for this testing is Younique Consultant  Shelby Davis. She has provided me with some great samples( that she graciously numbered for me, thanks Shelby! It helps me to stay organized.)

I wanted Shelby to share a bit about the company, and herself, so you could get to know both a bit better. So here is what she had to say, in her own words:

I'll start by giving you some background on the company:

We are lass than 18 months old. We currently are in the US, Canada, and Australia. We launch in New Zealand on June 1st! All of our products are Naturally and Minerally based. We are cruelty free, some products are gluten free, and we are vegan friendly. Our products are great for sensitive skin! We are currently the fastest growing Direct Sales Company in the world!And I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it!

Now I'll give you some background on myself:

I graduated from West Greene High School in 2009. I am engaged to an amazing guy, named Josh. He's changed my life. We have a daughter who turns 2 next month. Her name is  Mckenna. They are the reasons I joined Younique. I want to help ease some of the financial stress that Josh feels. And I want to teach Mckenna that even though her mom didn't go to college, she can still be successful. I want her to see first hand that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I think Shelby has a great outlook, and that she will be successful with her business. The first product to be tested is the sample of the Awake Facial Cleanser, that she enclosed in her sample package.

This is the awake facial cleanser sample I am trying today. I have to say that is one of the toughest cleansers I have dealt with.

before the cleanser
during the application of cleanser. The little grey spot that looks like a mole on my lower jaw is the undissolved cleanser.

After the first rinse off of the cleanser

After the second rinse off
I have to say the Awake facial cleanser does have a nice scent to it. It has a little tightening action going on also. But boy howdy, it truly is one tough little bugger to apply . On to day two, and sample 2 tomorrow.

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