Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Body By Vi Shake Mix Test Day 31...

After our trip to the grocery store last night, I decided to pick up some more unsweetened frozen fruit, for the last go around of shakes. This way I don't have to use the ice maker.

Today goes like this:

Weight: 233

Flavors of the Day: Frozen Peach and Frozen Cherry

I had never picked either of these before, but I figured what the heck, it's something new, so I went for it

Morning Pictures:

233 front

233 side

Shake mix portion 1

flavor of the morning

Mix meet peaches

peaches meet lactose free 2%

Let's get ready to Blitz!

Breakfast meet freezer
Lunch Pictures:

Lunch shake portion

Flavor for lunch

Cherries meet mixie

Lactose Free 2% meet cherries

Everyone get ready to blitz

everyone in peace and harmony in the freezer.
I have to say both of them came out pretty tasty for being unsweetened frozen fruit. We will see what weird combination tomorrow brings. Till then folks, have a great day.
 Always remember to get your water in no matter what.

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