Friday, July 4, 2014

Younique Day 4: Sophisticated Blush and Make Up Eraser Day 2

Day 4 with Younique brings us to the Sophisticated Blush.

I have to be honest, I was a bit leery at the color out of the sample pouch but, after I got it on, I looked like Bozo the clown, but when I smoothed it out and worked it in, the color was not so bad.

My husband even said in natural light it was not bad, after I went through and softened it up. It was a little pinker than what I normally wear, but it worked out fine.

Here are the pictures from today:

before opening sample

opened sample

after application and softening

side one

side two

another face on shot out side of bathroom light
Then I have to say the makeup eraser, met the challenge again. Here are the pictures from the blush removal this evening. Mind you you may not see the blush color , but it came off in a heart beat:

One cheek

almost done

After blush removal
Let's see what day 5 brings, stay tuned & have a happy rest of the fourth...

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