Thursday, July 3, 2014

Body By Vi Shake Mix Day 33...

Well it is the next to last day for this blogging...

Since mom came yesterday, I made a little extra to share with her.

My stats for today:

Weight: 232.4

Flavors of the Day: Frozen Peach & Frozen Blueberry Peach

Both  flavors came out good, mom said she could not really taste the peach in the first one, but could really taste the blueberry in the second one.

Here are the pictures for today:


232.4 front
232.4 side

shake mix portion one

flavor of the day

everybody in the pool

Breakfast freezing up
Lunch Pictures:

Flavor of the day for lunch

shake portion 2

peaches and blueberries

lactose free 2% gets added

before the blitz

after the blitz

Lunch freezing
We will see what tomorrow brings for the last day... In my kitchen you never know.

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