Saturday, July 5, 2014

Younique Day 5: Regal Shimmer Mineral Pigment and Makeup Eraser Day 3

Well we are up to day 5 of the younique testing. I am trying the Regal Shimmer Pigment. Mind you I am not the best applier during the night, so please forgive me now. But the color does compliment my skin well, all considering I have a lot of yellow in my skin.

So here are the pictures from this evening:

before I open the sample

inside the baggie

like I said I am not the best applier in the evening

with the glaases

Here is how well the makeup eraser did with this pigment test:

removing from one eye

eye on cleared

eye two removal

before the final swipe

finally all gone

this is what I came off

Finally all done

We will see what tomorrow brings, stay tuned to see the next installment...

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