Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Body By Vi Shake Mix Test Day 32...

Day 32 of the Body  by Vi Shake Mix Test, has been interesting.


Weight : 232

Flavors of Day: Frozen Mango and Frozen Blueberries

The frozen blueberries were actually plumper this round in this package of frozen blueberries, that the last batch.

Here are the pictures from today:


232 front

232 side

shake portion one

mango meet shake mix

Lactose Free 2% Milk

Everybody get Blitzed!

Post blitzing

breakfast freezing up
Lunch Pictures:

Shake mix portion 2

Flavor of the Day

Berries meet mix

Lactose Free 2%

Everybody gets blitzed

Lunch Chilling out
You never know what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned....

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